Collection Damasco

Welcome to the precious universe of our DAMASCO collection. Each of our creations has been meticulously designed to embody the grace, elegance, and passion of dance. Soft and stretchable materials delicately caress the skin, offering unparalleled comfort while allowing total freedom of movement. Each model is adorned with transparent embroidered tulle, reminiscent of a baroque style.


Within this enchanting universe, choose from a carefully selected palette of 5 colors, in harmony with the bold designs of BELLE, MEGARA, and AMINA. Each of these creations is an ode to the journey, inviting you to be carried away by the oriental touch that radiates through this collection. Immerse yourself in this world of grace and beauty, where each leotard tells a story from elsewhere, where each dance step transports you to distant lands.

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Current locations: United States of America