Loyalty program

We have created an exclusive loyalty program to thank you for your trust. 


Just create an account and complete your first purchase to start accruing benefits under the loyalty program. Take advantage of exclusive offers when you move up from one tier to the next, on your way to the most prestigious level, "Expert".

The loyalty program gives you access to lots of benefits depending on your loyalty tier. When you open your account, you automatically join the "Newcomer" tier. As you earn points, you can graduate to the "Explorer", "Insider" and "Expert" tiers. We encourage you to check out our loyalty program page to learn more about the benefits you can earn.

You will earn points with every purchase you make on our website. You earn three points for every dollar you spend. Exception for outlet products: no loyalty points for dollars spent on the outlet section. For your information, your new points will be credited to your loyalty account once your order has been shipped. There are many other ways to earn points, such as creating an account, referring a friend, subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media.


To trade in your points, head to our loyalty program page, where you can see the selection of gifts from which you can choose your heart's desire! From gift vouchers good across the entire website to clothing and accessories, you are guaranteed to find something you like.

Depending on the number of points you accumulate, your loyalty status evolves! We have 4 different levels, starting from the Newcomer, followed by the Explorer, then the Insider and finally the most prestigious status of Expert. 


Your points are calculated over the last 12 months. You will change loyalty status as soon as you reach the number of points needed to move from one level to the next. If you haven’t placed any order in the last year, you will start with the Newcomer status. Know that the Experts have a significant benefit: their loyalty status never expires, they remain Experts.

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Current locations: United States of America