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Choosing a soft ballet shoe

Soft ballet shoes are the first pair of shoes worn by beginners in ballet. Our shoes help a dancer to begin their first ballet steps. They also accompany advanced level dancers on daily basis. To meet all your needs, Wear Moi offers soft ballet shoes in canvas or leather, in traditional materials or the newest “stretch” materials, and a special Pre-pointe, our Demi-Pointe, for beginners that are preparing to go en-Pointe.

Soft ballet shoes by Wear Moi a Complete Collection in Canvas or Leather

The soft ballet shoes by Wear Moi are handmade by our artisans for optimal comfort and unparalleled flexibility. Our ballet slippers are available in canvas or leather, multiple colors, in European sizes 23 to 46 in two different widths. Choose a full sole or split sole. Try our stretch material which allows your shoe to mold to the shape of your foot for a perfect fit!

Soft ballet shoes by Wear Moi Adapt to Each Dancer

Wear Moi offers a large selection of soft ballet shoes allowing each dancer - men, women or children – to find the expected and necessary comfort. Designed and made by a team of expert craftsmen, consultants and former professional dancers, these ballet shoes will become your favorite. With or without a stretch arch insert, full or split sole, our soft ballet shoes are worn by beginners and professionals alike.

Demi-Pointe by Wear Moi: A Transition to Pointe

Our satin shank-less Demi-pointe shoes have been specially designed for beginners. Their classic design, shape and cut is recommended to prepare you for the next step en pointe. Our Demi-Pointe shoes facilitate a proper muscle development for the next step in your dance education.

I began ballet a few months ago. My dance teacher suggested ballet shoes by Wear Moi. I bought them in leather. I'm very happy with them because they are very flexible and mold to my foot shape. I especially liked the double sole which allows me to really curve my feet. I think these demi pointe shoes make learning the positions and steps easier.

Jessica, young beginner, Angoulême

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