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Women's Dance Tights by Wear Moi: Elegance, Quality and Comfort

To meet your expectations, women’s dance tights by Wear Moi combine elegance, quality and comfort - the ideal compromise for your practices, rehearsals and any performance!

Depending on your level and your needs, you can choose in our Wear Moi women's dance tights collection a pair of footless tights, or with feet or convertible.

Dance Tights with Feet by Wear Moi

Made with highly stretchable, resilient and semi-opaque material, the dance tights with feet by Wear Moi guarantee a longevity without deformation or discoloration. The elastic waistband is made with lycra microfiber for a better hold and maximum comfort. Available in four colors and numerous sizes, it's the ideal tight for dance school, rehearsals or performances.

Footless Dance Tights by Wear Moi

As resistant and comfortable as the tights with feet, footless dance tights by Wear Moi are available in three colors and numerous sizes to accompany you on the stage as well as in town. Try a different style!

Convertible Dance Tights by Wear Moi

Semi-opaque, very stretchy and ultra soft, convertible dance tights by Wear Moi are resistant, don't deform and keep their initial color even after countless washes. Their opening at the arch quickly offers the versitility to dance barefoot but also to protect your toes in class.

I ordered dance tights for the first time by Wear Moi and I don't regret it! They are superior quality and last longer despite multiple washes. I've got several pairs – footless and convertible so I can alternate. They are very comfortable, very soft and generally just nice to wear! I wear them in rehearsals as well as on the stage.

Helene, professional dancer, Lyon

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