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Ballet Leg Warmers by Wear Moi: For an Elegant Warm-Up

Discover our Warm up collection by Wear Moi to complete your dance uniform with leg warmers and other warm-up clothes.

Dance Leg Warmers by Wear Moi: Trendy and Comfortable

Wear Moi offers a wide variety of dance leg warmers in high quality acrilyc material that come in classic colors or something more trendy. Check out our Patchwork pattern collection, made in embroidered acrilyc, and stay stylish for your warm-ups! Choose from our ultra comfortable dance leg warmers,that help you look and feel great whether you practice ballet, modern, contemporary or jazz dance. Pick out a pair of leg warmers, a pair of shorts, a shrug and a wrap-over top for a complete and versatile look!

Dance Leg Warmers by Wear Moi: Quality and Innovation

Wear Moi dance leg warmers are made from the highest quality materials, carefully selected to withstand multiple washes and guarantee your garment’s longevity - offering you the best value for your money.

Choose from leg warmers that cover just your ankle, your calf or ones that will cover your entire leg. Our leg warmers can be worn in different ways: stretched to the top of the thighs, at the knee or folded at the ankle.

I've been a dancer in modern and jazz dance schools for the past several years. From the start, I chose to dress myself in Wear Moi since they are one of the best brands available in my town. I love their warm-up garmets, especially the leg warmers. They're modern and different. They don't get in the way during movements and they last a long time. I can match them perfectly with my dance outfits. As soon as Wear Moi brings out a new collection, I treat myself to some new leg warmers without breaking the bank. With Wear Moi, I'm never disappointed!

Cynthia, occasional dancer, Lyon

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